Stainless Steel/Brass

Dare to use stainless steel or brass

The letters in stainless steel or brass are manufactured with the highest quality of finish. It is possible to obtain a luminous effect on the edges or back for a halo lighting effect by integrating a luminous acrylic surface on the rear of the sign

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Side diffusing light

Stainless steel or brass finish for the face and light diffusing sides or half-sides

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Back diffusing light 

The face and sides can also be covered with a stainless steel or brass finish and leave room for backlighting

100% Uniform Light Diffusion

Like every Kalisign product, we guarantee perfect uniformity of light

Mirror Polish or Brush Finish Effects

We offer 2 finishes available for both materials: mirror polish effect or  brush finish effect

An exceptional finish

An unrivaled finish with all the advantages of our Slimtek technology


Odoo CMS - a big picture

What's difference between

Stainless steel #304 and Stainless steel #316?

STAINLESS STEEL 304 is generally used for interiors but can also be used for exteriors. It is used on standard installations. It requires little or no maintenance, but must be in a relatively safe environment. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid industrial areas, coastal zones, chemical-laden atmospheres, etc. 

STAINLESS STEEL 316 is much more tolerant than the previous one. Its molybdenum (2%) content enables it to harden and better withstand atmospheres that are polluted, chlorinated, iodinated, etc... Unfortunately, there may be a few rust spots in a very severe environment. Maintenance checks will make it more durable. 

When a sign is located near the sea, stainless steel #316 is essential 

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