Our signs
are guaranteed
up to 5 years

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We have such confidence in our products that we guarantee them up to 5 years.
Each sign that is delivered is accompanied by a guarantee of 2 years against defects or visual alteration. Within these 2 years, on-site troubleshooting is included in the first year. From now on, you can extend your guarantee up to five years, with on-site troubleshooting included during these 5 years, up to a limit of 10,000 hours of use thanks to the Sign-Kontrol module.

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We propose to our signage partners the opportunity to enhance their customer experience by offering better guarantees on our signs thanks to our Sign-Kontrol  module.

.This module provides our signs with a total guarantee (parts and labour) for the first 5 years, up to a limit of 10,000 hours

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But that’s not all!

Within the Sign-Kontrol ® module,  many benefits emerge, such as: 

  • Adjustment of the intensity and brightness of one or more signs remotely 

  • Choose the range of visibility of your sign to adapt your sign to new local regulations 

  •  Monitor a fleet of signs and easily track their period of guarantee

  • Conform easily with regulations on sign luminosity and local rules on when signs need to be extinguished 

The Sign-Kontrol® module is placed between the electrical transformer and the sign. The programming module is connected by smartphone (IOS and Android) in order to offer a simple and effective interface to the user. The client can then configure their sign on site from the tips of their fingers.