We even light up the corners

 Odoo image and text block

Through its Slimtek line, Kalisign has proven to be the European specialist in acrylic block LED signage. A Slimtek sign is composed of an acrylic block inside which the LEDs are placed point by point by hand. 

The placement of LEDs is calculated by computer to optimise their placement. Thus distributed, the LED placement assures a perfectly uniform light, as we can place LEDs even in the corners or the sides of letters. This is how we obtain the same consistent brightness over the entire LED block.  

All the parts of the sign are directly illuminated. 


“We do not use LED ribbons or LED modules” 

The uniformity of lighting is assured regardless of the brightness level of the LEDs and no shadows appear over the years; the uniformity of lighting is always preserved.

Our process of placing the LEDs point by point also allows us to control the heat in the LED block. The LEDs are embedded as close as possible to the bottom of the sign. The resin used to seal the LEDs has specific heat conduction properties, thus ensuring excellent heat dissipation at the back of the LED block.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

We also optimize the quality of the LED power supply, by selecting the best transformers on the market. 

‘Due to placing our LEDs point by point, we are capable of evenly illuminating a letter with a minimum stroke width of 10mm.’

The combination of these different technical points along with the selection of the best LEDs allows us to obtain a product of exceptional quality with the best guarantee: Slimtek.