We’re not saying it! 

Since the creation of our company in 2012, we have worked with many different signmakers.

Here is some comment we've received.

“Perfection doesn’t exist! But with Kalisign, it gets close!” - Richard, signmaker in the North of France

- Richard, Signmaker in Belgium -

“The first time I received a lot of Slimtek, I was stupefied by their finish and the intensity of the lighting. We propose now to all our clients without hesitation!”

- Axel, signmaker in Switzerland  -

“I recently had the occasion to work with Kalisign and I was very satisfied with the quality of their signs. It is a pleasure to work with them.”

- Vegard, signmaker in Norway -

“The signs of Kalisign are absolutely magnificent. Nothing beats their brilliance and the complexity of their finish! It is a pleasure to work with them.”

- Director of Purchasing, International Signmaker -

“To work with Kalisign was a real pleasure. They respond quickly, always deliver on time, and are always ready to help us when we are pressed for time.”

- Estimator, National Signmaker

“What I like about Kalisign is the promise of personalized accompaniment for each project.”

- Christophe, Signmaker in Paris -