The classic system, perfect for signs mounted on walls or plates. Mounting hardware and templates are always included in the sign. 

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Rods & Spacers

This mounting system is required for back-lit signs, but can also be chosen for aesthetic reasons for front or side-lit letters. Spacer dimensions and color are customizable. 

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Snap System

When mounting with threaded rods is impossible, the snap system is a new and easy solution. The length and diameter of the elements can be customized. 

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Easy Fix

A solid and versatile solution for mounting surfaces with or without back access. 

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3M™ VHB™ Tape

3M VHB tape enables a smooth surface with a virtually invisible bond, for a sleek, eye-catching sign that will stand out.

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A simple solution for letters mounted on on composite panel or metal sheet.

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LEDs are everywhere. They are found in domestic or street lights, in the headlights of our cars, used for industrial purposes … Its applications are plentiful and still expanding due to their many advantages. Thanks to their small size and low energy consumption, we have been able to modernize signage, coming up with new solutions to increasingly demanding projects.

At Kalisign, we recognize the importance of beautiful energy-efficient lighting and that is why we only work with the top performer in the market: CREE® LEDs. They are the heart of our products: embedded one by one in the Slimtek signs, or in the form of modules for bigger Alumtek letters.

The thickness of the acrylic and the meticulously chosen distribution of the LEDs, allow us to obtain a perfectly homogeneous light, even in very small surfaces (strokes of up to 10mm).

LED color options include cool white, warm white, red, green, yellow, orange, blue and RGB (color-changing).


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Kalisign products are all made of PMMA (polymathic methacrylate), better known as Acrylic or Plexiglass.

Its properties make this material ideal for signage: great weather resistance, sturdiness, and homogeneous light diffusion.

Whether we are manufacturing Slimtek, Alumtek, or letters in stainless steel or brass, all of them are made of acrylic. We can use colored acrylic or add a vinyl coating to get any color.


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The color of the signs can be obtained either by using a colored acrylic, or by adding an adhesive film specifically designed for this purpose. Invisible and weather resistant, vinyls offer a great finishing for luminous surfaces.

The use of vinyls offers a large palette of colors, and the possibility – especially for logos - to combine different colors on the same surface.

Click to see the  Adhesive films available

The Slimtek and Alumtek product ranges can be manufactured with the adhesive film of your choice, so that the delivered product matches your expectations. If we do not have the exact film that you want, you can always send yours for us to use in the production.

In order to offer you the widest choice of colors and finishings, we use 3M™  and Avery adhesive films. 


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At Kalisign we pay a particular attention to the painting of the letters. We use UV-resistant paint ideal for even the most extreme outdoor conditions.

We fully respect the chosen color and can paint letters to any Pantone or RAL code.

Our signs have 4 layers of painting:

  • The first layer, white in color, is used to reflect the light and set the ground for a uniform diffusion.
  • The second and the third layers are black and they ensure the total opacity of the painted surface.
  • Finally, the fourth layer gives the sign its visible color.


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The power supply of a luminous sign is essential, plugging the letter to a high voltage current will damage it. The power supply converts 220V or 110V current into 12V, the correct voltage for LEDs.

Every Kalisign product is delivered with a UL-certified Meanwell power supply. Complying to the IP65 norm, it is perfectly waterproof and suitable for exterior locations.

IP 65 : Complete protection against dust and water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) from any direction.