A better warranty

For every sign conception, we are commited to provide the best possible over time resistance in order to give full satisfaction to our customers

Sign Kontrol Plug-In


 We offer to our signmaking partners the opportunity to enhance  customers' experience by providing better warranty conditions on our products thanks to the Sign-Kontrol plug-in.

This programming module henceforth accompanies each of our products with a full warranty of five years (replacement parts and workforce included ) with a limit of 10 000 hours of use.

Notable advantages


Up to five years of warranty

A full warranty during the first five years within a limit of 10 000 hours of use

On-site assistance included

A full warranty including, replacement parts and service/workforce included, during five years with a limit of 10 000 hours of use

Control the light power of your signs

Sign Kontrol allows you to adjust the brightness of your signs remotely and configure time schedules to follow the regulations more easily and accurately

Optimize your sign's lifespan

The Signkontrol plug-in has been conceived to help you to use your signs wisely and deal with their warranty period, optimizing therefore their lifespans.